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Manzell’s self-confidence will perform better performance in the Yunque team

Beijing July 24th, Johnny Manzie, has not yet played a regular season in Canadian Professional Rugby League (hereinafter referred to as CFL), but he has tasted the taste of trading. However, wholesale nfl jerseys this will only make him more feat.

Manzell said that there is a more excellent play of Skytrand in New East Montreal: “I am very confident on my ability to bring to the team. Rugby is a team movement, in order to win in the game, everyone has to participate. I come in. I am looking forward to the future direction. “

Mike Sherman, Mike Sherman, has been guided by Manzel (2011), Manzel, cheap nike nfl jerseys online also said that it is very happy to meet with the old acquaintance.

“I have no hope to eat into a fat man, I will understand all things, but I have long been known as Shelman’s coach, and trust him, I believe he can lead the team to advance.” Manze said .

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