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It is reported that the guarantee part of this new contract is very sufficient, so the salary of the non-guaranteed part will be reduced, but such a contract is not small for the Hawks. Generally, the contract of the NFL team rarely involves high security salary, which makes the team have a higher salary distribution space.

Wilson helped Seattle Hawks into the super bowl twice twice. At present, he has completed a rookie contract. He has selected professional bowls in the past three years, and helped the Hawks in 2014 to win his first super bowl. .

This is the best gift for Andrews that ushered in the 26th birthday today. As a three-round show in 2018, Andrews quickly became one of Lamar Jackson’s favorite pass targets. In the past two seasons, Andrews completed a total of 17 times, ranking # 8 in the near-end front of the same period.

Andrews’ contract will originally expired after the end of this season. According to ESPN reporters, the new contract includes 63% of the guarantee amount, of which $ 26.6 million will be paid before March next year.

Crow with near-end Mark Andrews last four years

US Time Monday night, the crow officially announced that it has renewed four years of contract with near-end Mark Andrews. According to ESPN reporters, the total contract salary is $ 56 million.

Titan signed Olekbo, renewing Morgan

On Friday, Tennesi Toyan announced that two contracts were contracted, and the team rushing strength was greatly replenished. According to reports, Titan has completed the contract with the former Washington Red Leather Exterior Washing Brian Orakpo and Derrick Morgan (Derrick Morgan) that has become a free player.

McCoo will appear in Bill unveiling

Although Buffalo Birvoy has not healed that his left foot rope injury has not healed, he has been doing a good evening of the Sunday’s stalk of Indianapolis. Prepare.

Andy Daltton: I have not been threatened by the team’s quad-saving

Beijing May 2, Xinmin, Tiger, San Di Di Dalton, said that he did not have a four-point guard with the team in the fourth round of this year’s selection of Ryan Finley. Contact.

The Dalton, who has been selected for 3 professional bowls, will enter the ninth year of career, and he is currently contracting for 2 years, so he should feel that his starting position is stable. Despite the decline in recent years, he led the tiger into the playoffs for five consecutive years in 2011 to 2015.

From the key to the key to the position, the Eagle offense and the patriant defense have basically half a catty. Even at this point, the falcon is hard to find the defenders who can focus on his defensive; and the pair of Falcon offensive and Eagle defense On the front line of this “civilianization”, it seems difficult to block the Eagle’s “The First Rushing”. Plus the ratio seems to have restricted the martial arts of Hurion Jones, I believe that unveiling of Nick Fufu Lus is fully abnormal, otherwise the falcon will be difficult to retreat from the coronation of the defending champion.

Fremman has a short body, dexterous shaking and powerful calf, which makes him become one of the best in the alliance, and one of the best at breaking through the crowd, and in the pass attack, Fremman can also pick up short pass, and Relying on personal capabilities to create long distance advances. Last year, the eagle who often uses very guards (six defensive guards) often let Jenkins are put on the three gears, let him focus on the opponent’s running guard, and the effect is well received. Take the last year’s Division as an example, Fremman and Jenkkins were aligned in the two-three portal attack and defense. Although Fremman’s road surface was only 10 rushed 7 yards, but the passing of the ball is 5 times. All received. In the opposition, Jenkkins will leave some space to give Fremman, but Jenkkins will quickly stop it from continuing to advance, but Fremman is not a harvest. The Falcon is only remembered. It is Jenkins to protect Fritman in the Red Area. When the eagle rushed to make Matt Ryan, Jenkins I thought I could get a record of Len, I gave up my body-behind Fremman. Ryan throws a rainbow ball, just crossed Jenkins head, it can be said that Jenkins’ judgment mistakes makes the eagle lose the reach.

In the case of Dalton locking, Finley will win the first five-winning position of Jake Dolegala, winning the first season. Although not officially announced, there is news that the Tiger will sign a four-point Wei Jack-Dolgara (Jake Dolega) from the University of Central Christine.

“I think they are to create some competition in the substitute position,” Dalton said. “So, obviously we need someone. You can’t have 2 quarters in the team, so we have to increase the number to 4 people, I think we have done this. I think we also signed a new show. I Interested to see what he is, and meet him. “

In the past season passed, Erz had a chance of 37.3% listed in the near-terminal, but there were 44.3% of the chart in the groove connector, 17.9% column, and Erz’s comprehensiveness allows the opponent to come to someone Peripheral. When column is in the near-end front position, the Falcon Strong Jiunu-Neil will defense against it, although Nielbiez is short 13 centime 30 pounds, but Neil’s core power is full, and Erz is difficult to eat opponent. However, wholesale jerseys Erz has its own strength, his vertical speed is a first-class, plus big steps running, and Erz can run away from the route to the guard, in this season In the 78th pick-up opportunity, only 4 times off the hand, the stable hands were also difficult to interfere with Nier.

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