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Obviously, Petersonn, who led the eagle to win the Super Bowl of the Champion, continued a good momentum. When he and Pedon participated in the annual coach golf competition in March, they played a few unique gambling.

Redskins executives: Whether the team decided to look at starting HaskinsBeijing June 27 news commentator Joe – Xisi Man (Joe Theismann) before publicly opposed Dwyane – Haskins (Dwayne Haskins) starting the opener, but the Redskins did not seem to seek the views of this former quarterback of intent .

In the first three seasons in the past three seasons, Howard’s performance did not reach the expectation of him before the draft. He only took the ball to get a 1456 yard, 12 times, and was affected by unstable performance and injury.

When the Sea stealing Gronoski, the outside world believes they may consider the transaction Howard. But the pirates eventually didn’t do this. Can Howard can be observed in the excellent performance in the continuation training camp in the season.

US time on Tuesday, Doug Redskins executive vice president of player personnel department – Williams (Doug Williams) told reporters, Haskins progress very happy for the team, but the final decision will be his and coach Jay – grid Ludeng (Jay Gruden), team president Bruce – Alan (Bruce Allen) and boss Daniel – Snyder (Daniel Snyder) made jointly.

Williams said: “I know there are rumors that he would be starting to play the first week, not impossible, but it all depends on me, Jay, Bruce and his boss’s decision in the preseason and the team as a whole. performance will affect the final decision. I do not want to say whether he would be starting the opener, but the past few weeks his performance true feast for the eyes. “

The first round of the first round of the first round of sports ability is the brightest player in the training camp, and count countless wonderful battles and gives a deep impression on reporters, teammates and coaches.

Previously, Smith was injured with teammates, and the new show four-point Weibi-Patty (Bryce Petty) was poor in the first day of the season, so I gave the current first Lenfitz Patrick (Ryan Fitzpatrick) ) Equipped with a reliable replacement. The Flin and Fitz Patrick have turned over multiple teams, experienced, but his biggest drawback is the worst arm of the league.

New York jet is about to sign a four-point Swan-FlinAccording to NFL official website, Albert Breer reported that the New York jet has been prepared to sign the four-dimensional Matt Flynn as a free player, thus filled Kino-Smith (Geno SMITH) After the injured team, the person in the four-guard position is insufficient.

Losing the gambling bureau will not be able to wear the home black jersey to fight the eaglePhiladelphia Eagle will be able to challenge New Orleans in November, wearing green home jersey, and this is attributed to their coach Douge – Peterson’s Doug Pederson defeated Saints Coach Shan in a golf gambling – Pay Payton.

“And (Gronzki) appeared together, we can bring huge degree advantage,” Howard said. “It’s hard to prevent it when we play together. It is difficult to block such an offense. This will open a lot of space for everyone, I think this will be really interesting.”

Flin once signed by the new England patriots in the offset season, but due to the anti-repeated recovery of the calf, it is unable to recover, and the patriot will then choose Ryan Lindley as an alternative.

“I looked at Adrian Peterson’s play.” Miller told reporters, “He is a great running guard, and it has been great for several years. If he can join us, then it is good. His leadership can help the team, I can also learn from him. “

Last season, Texas ran to Miller and Azoin Di Di Tower – Folman (D & RSQUO; ONTA Foreman) did not achieve the results of the 100-yard 100 yards. Piteson in the six games of the rickets, twice a 130+ code. Although the body status of age and decline limits Peterson, his skills and experience can help him become an excellent supplementary guard.

Although Brown could not find a transaction, it was a little accident, Harden’s name was not concerned in the free player market. Many teams have lack of lineup depth in the corner guard, and a 28-year-old players who have been selected by the occupational bowl and rebound in the 2016 season have attracted a lot of interest.

As a player selected for the former management, Harden will not always be consistent with the team’s new management. Brown currently introduced a young player at both ends of the offensive and defense and wants to deliver valuable appearance time to those who belong to their future. Some young players in the preseason, should be able to reduce the impact of the Harden.

28-year-old Harden is selected in 2013 and 2014. The 2010 first-year show has signed a contract with Brown in 2014 with the renewal contract of $ 746.8 million, but he is difficult to dedicate stable performance after that. Harden has only played 18 games since 2014, and three times have been changed 13 times in two seasons. If Brown wants layoffs, it is now a suitable timing. Harden’s guarantee income in 2017 is only $ 4 million.

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