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Chief announced with near-end Harris for 3 years

Kansas City chief announced a consistency of a three-year renewal contract with nearly 3 years of renewal contracts in Kansas City chiefs, DEMETRIUS HARRIS. According to Cheap nfl jerseys official website reporters, this three-year contract is $ 6.3 million.

Braddy: There have been exchanges with alliance investigations.

New England Patrioper team quartz Tom Brady told Espn reporter yesterday that he has not communicated with alliance officials responsible for investigating “ventilation”, and he also hopes to communicate can carry out after the super bowl. .

In the offset period and the lightning signed a 1-year bid contract, he made the best performance in the short career last season. He started all 16 games and achieved the highest 208th ball, 810 yards and 4 times.

Talking about the status quo of the team, Braddy said: “I think each player is already in the team closed training environment, this super bowl is a good opportunity for us, and our players are also very hard to train. I hope we can play it best in Sunday’s game. “

In the absence of the first quartz, Tom Brady, the first three weeks of patriots in the top three weeks in the main court welcomed the challenge of Buffalo. Although Jimmy Garoppolo will serve as the first quarter of the patriot, the final four-point guard is Jacoby Brissett. The first section of Bill first scored, with the short pass of Tyrod Taylor, Bill Successfully came to the Patriots 7 yard line and found the Taylor Passage Swin – McKi (LESEAN MCCOY) gets up to the array. In the second section, I. Biri rely on 3 points. Trained in fouls and punch attacks, the Patriots offensive group will never enter state. The second section of the mediate Bill also kicked the free kick to get 3 points. Subsequently, the patriot has finally seen the hope of score, but they lost the ball after entering the Bill Red Area. After entering the second half, the patriot has advanced to the shooting of the Bill 30 code lines, and the opposite Bill has 3 points after the end of the third quarter. After entering the fourth quarter, Bill is time to consume time through the short pass and the shock, but the patriot that must be scored is unable to get a new first attack in the key four. The patriots are suffered by Bill zero. The three-stage transition of the all-game patriot is only 277 yards in total. Bill, Siwu Taylor 39 passed 27 times successful 246 yards 1 time reached.

Compared to the mediocre ball data, Harris is more important in tactical significance. This second-grade neighborhood has excellent cover skills that can be found in a variety of tactics. He was on the university basketball, followed by the emirate as a rookie.

In the new season, Manman is still in the depth of the lineup and is an unknown number. Lightning Games include Kan Nan – Allen, Xiu Mike – Williams, Tyrell Williams, Tel Avis Benjamin And near-end Hunter Hunter Henry and Antonio Gates. The depth of lineup in this position is one of the best in the league.

Langer is one of the 17 famous members of the Hall of House in history. He has been 109 times in his career and continuously played 128 games. At the 1972 season, he participated in each of the dolphins.

The next game the two sides exchange that appears to be, but can easily rely on chiefs here totipotent Kelsey find the complete advantage of the pass; lost road Rams offense to rely on a long pass piecemeal Gough, the score is hardships, should not copy the ball twice after Donald sack have caused Rams touchdown, the chief should lead to double-digit advantage.

With the dolphins, Lalans who won the Super Bowl of Super Bowl of Championship for the dolphins for 10 seasons, and spent the last 2 years in Minnesota Vijing. His college era is a great effort of South Dakita State University. Today, Jim Lange prizes were issued to NCAA Secondary Partition Best Offensive Front Players.

Famous Hall Player, Former Dolphin Medical Jim-Lan

Beijing September 1st, in 1972, with Miami dolphins won a championship with a bad response and was selected as Jim Langer, Jim Langer, a professional football Hall, and was 71 years old. He is considered to be one of the greatest center in history.

The Baltimous cows who have not yet defeated the victory this season, ushered in the challenge of the Auckland raid. The raid is first difficult, and when the first section will end, the four-point guards of Derek Carr is short to find external hand Seth – Roberts to complete the Deta. The second section starts the crow to get 3 points by kicking, but the end of the next half is more than 4 minutes, the points are re-opened, and Karl passed the game, Michael Crabtree. 5 码 达 阵. In the first half, the crow of 3 points was finally ushered in the first half. After the start of the 28 yards, the crow was promoted to the raid, and the crow is four points. Joe FLACCO Musk 1 yard completes up to the array. The fourth quarter started Fraco to kill the ball in this 30-yard line, and the raid people grabbed the ball. They use this opportunity to complete the transfer ball cheap jerseys from china Krabgtel again. The crow of the backshop, the crow, who had been hoped, first in Flaco, Frank, Steve Smith, obtained 52 yards, then they caused the raid to drop the ball and grab it in the red area of ​​the raid Ball right. Take this opportunity, the crow finally completed the 3D-Cangshou to the Terrance West. But wins hope that with the excellent performance of Carl. Carl is complete, and finally the third pass will complete the Dagbite. The raid person eventually defeated the crow. The crow is here, the quadruplevanus 52 passed 32 times successfully acquired 298 yards 1 time. The raid person won the hempian Karl 35 passed 25 successfully achieved 199 yards 4 times, and the outer hand was taken to complete 7 codes to get 88 yards. The raiders have been in the first four games in the season since the season in the season.

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