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Marshall share interesting story between Manning

At present, the New York Giants’ external handbranda Marshall is trying to do any opportunity to help you to learn tactics with the four-dimensional Wile Manning.

Recently, Cheap NFL Jerseys he shared a interesting story with us. “That day we just hung a bath, he only changed half of the clothes, then he suddenly made a stroke gesture to my stroke.”

Like “Manning Time” mentioned before Marshall, Manning will recall tactics and gestures at any time. Marshall said that he was eating for breakfast with Manning, Cheap Jerseys Manning will suddenly test the tactical password.

Although it is a joke, Marshall is really a tactics that is interested in memory and is very respected by Manning. He said: “He is the four-point guard I have experienced the details. He knows what you want, how to complete these Once I ran more than 2 steps, he threw the ball on the ground, pulled me to guide me how to go to this route. “

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