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The wild horse passed the ball shocks Shuangxiong: moving towards the scheduled goalDenver’s wild horse von Miller and Demarcus Ware form a combination of Nfl Jerseys‘s most ferocious pass. This is the painful lesson of San Francisco 49 people, Colin Kaepernick, who got a painful lesson in the Sunday Night Tournament, and the two of the competition have achieved 5 kills.

The wild horses support the four-point guard group by improving the defensive group – Peyton Manning has harvested outstanding results in the past few weeks. Where are they terrible? They believe that they can improve themselves. “We know that we can also become better,” Safe T. J. Ward (T. J. Ward) said. “But now everything is progressing smoothly.”

Cases is a defensive dish that can effectively prevent the opponent’s running guard and become a two-point guard. It is usually obtained from the opponent to the treatment of his last season, and ranked 10th defensive players ranked 10th place in the League last season.

Obviously, in accordance with the doctor’s words, I will miss the 2016 season. Smith tells the reporter: “I want the game, I want to play, I am a warrior, but if I don’t have 100% recovery, I will choose to continue to rest, because this is related to My whole career. “

“In this line, there is little to sign the renewal contract so early,” Jon Robinson, Titan, said. “But Julier is a unique player. He was selected here in the election. It has renewed it with the team. It has been a prominent contribution to the community and seals many times. We are very happy he can It is Titan for many years. “

Titan Friday with this professional bowl defensive cut off a four-year value of 60.4 million US dollars, including renewal contracts for $ 40 million security income. Originally Casea contracts have expired until the end of the 2018 season.

Hart is the eagle 2014 five-wheeled show, the 2015 season as a member of the defending group to play 14 games, but later failed to enter the 2016 final list. After that, he had a short stay in 49 people, and he also turned out this summer, but he did not entered the final list.

Miller currently ranked first in the union at 8 times, and Wil was second with seven times (5 people also got 7 kills). Their 15 kills they have achieved were now more than 17 NFL teams. According to Denver Mail News, Will predict that the total number of killed killed in the racing period can be more than 1 NFL team, and they have set at least at least 32 goals of 32 times. “For me and Feng,” Why don’t we get the number of murderous kiliers like 1 team team & rsquo; it is a great goal, “Will said. “This is the goal we have to do. We played a good performance in the game, but we have to continue this momentum in this week, and the next game.” They only had a goal to successfully develop.

Eagle signed Taylor – Hart Top stands for the left Eagle Left Friends Jason Pites tears ACL and MCL on Monday Night, and the season announced the reimbursement. He was placed in the injury reserves on Wednesday.

Doctor Dan-Cool (Dan Cooper) Responsible for Smith’s left knee cross ligament, he told reporters that the biggest problem of this injury is nerve, so Smith needs to wear special protective gear to help him exercise, but all this is It is temporary. The doctor said: “He has enough time to grow 2 inches, because his injured place has 6 inches long, so I don’t think he can quickly restore the speed in 2 to 3 months.”

Washington’s 2015 season has spent 47 battles in Houston Texas. In 2005, he added a player’s steel person with a player, and his career completed 458 battles to advance 6594 yards and 44 reachaes. In 2011, he ushered in Tennesi Toyan to completed 74 battles to advance 1023 yards and 7 reaches.

In fact, Washington can quickly integrate into the patriot’s offensive system, because the Texas of Texas last season is the success of this system last season of Texas, Bill O & # 39; Brien is the success of this system.

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