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Texas Human Head Entry Didre Hopkins and Bill Total Corner Weigh Radarvius-White (TRE & # 39; Davious White) The biggest point of view is the biggest look of this game. one. The two are now one of the best players in the alliance today. Interestingly, Hopkins spend less than 7 times in the four playoffs played in his career, and the number of balls is less than 70 yards. If Fuller cannot appear, Texas needs more to rely on Hopkins and White successfully locked the opponent, Texas people’s offensive groups may fall into a big trouble.

However, the recent jet off-attack group coach – Ga Gailey said Smith will still be the first. He said: “Now, Keno is the first, at least the first week and Cleveland Brand’s game is the first.” He said that Smith and Fitz Patrick’s competition is not what we think, he praised His: “I know” You have seen too much disappointment, if we can let him go all out, I am hard to imagine how much success can be, honest, say he can do very well. “

1. Titan will be outside the Cameron Wake and the defensive guard Christ Milton Add to the injury reserve list. The team also promoted the outside Market from the training lineup to Derick Roberson and defenders Kareem Orr.

In addition to White, Line Wendremein is also worthy of attention. He is the first player who has achieved more than 100 hugs in the 2 session of cheap nfl jerseys. In addition, the Bill of the Bill Leader, the defensive ends, and the ranking of 44 kills this season.

In addition to Jones and Howard as the starting cornerback outside, Eric – Rockwell (Eric Rowe) is expected to be strong as a starter Wei. Bobby – McCain (Bobby McCain) is now expected to serve as guard tour. Second-year player Nick – Needham (Nik Needham) show last season in the slot cornerback position potential. The biggest team needs to be able to guard its own security guard in the backcourt, they may be reinforced in the draft.

Bente’s role is obviously not so important before being banned and the position coach is banned. After the opening of the 33rd defense, the NETT has dropped steadily, and the total of 23 defenders only in the previous two games.

Dolphins cornerback Byron new aid – Jones: objectives to second-line defense no weaknessesMiami Dolphins this offseason generous reinforcement of the defense group, of which the most notable was undoubtedly the introduction of signing former Dallas Cowboys cornerback Byron – Jones (Byron Jones). The two sides signed a five-year contract, valued at $ 82 million, including $ 54.5 million guaranteed income.

“The most important part is really no weaknesses, which we try to do our second-line defense and the whole team goal is to build a no weaknesses, we can firmly lock the opponent’s team.” Jones said last week. “We can make the opponent catcher and quarterback matchup eat suffer.”

If Jackson can’t debut, the attack will have a small impact on the pass of the red skin, Jackson’s 942 yards this season, there are another 5 times, the number of balls is nearly doubled than the second place in the team. In addition, KEENAN ROBINSON is that this game is also unable to appear because the knee injury.

Scola currently ranked second in professional bowl voting, and the side proved his popularity. Although his pass cover is not until the top but is also solid, the power of the polve is more excellent, and the pressure of Lamar Jackson is smaller.

J. J.Watt may be the most focused player of Texas. Previously, since the biceps tear was considered to be returned before the season’s reimbursement. But Texas know that he can’t insist on playing the game, so Wat may only be able to play only in the three defense or critical moments. How much power is there in watts affected by injuries? If Watt is unable to play, then the Texas’ passenger shock will have to play a good gift this season to Wipment Whitney Mercilus. Of course, if Watt returns, even if it can exceed 50% of the previous state, the combination of the two may bring huge trouble to Bill.

Jackson was injured in the context of the Indiana Pony in last week. He was hit by the defensive player when he tried to catch a ball. It appeared very painful. After the game, check Jackson’s tibia was injured, so he did not participate in any team training until this Friday. Red skin main coach Jay-Grunette said: “If Jackson has not healed it, then it will not let him play.”

In the past two season, Smith was only 57.5% completed 25 reachaes and 34 cases of copy, and his career rating was 71.5. Fitz Patrick has stayed in the alliance. His passed success rate is 60.2% to complete 123 times of Dali and 101 cases, last season he first sent 312 times in Houston Texas. The ball promoted 2483 yards and 17 reachaes and 8 coputés, of course, 21 times, Texas people completed 6 wins and 6 losses under him.

Article 13 of the Routine Range Rankings in the Sino-German offensive group, and the Bill defensive group ranks third. This season, Deshaun Watson, Watun Watson, has achieved a total of 284.7 yards, and the success rate of passing has reached 67.3%, and a total of 34 times, the quarter-off guards reached 98.0. After a large reinforcement, the offensive front line with Laremy Tunsil and Tytus Howard can make Watson have more space. However, the injury of the No. 2 external handwell-Fuller is a shadow of the Texas people offensive. Until the Texas Talent will determine whether Fuller appease before the game.

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