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Although lightning selected the third round of this year’s selection of central Max Tuerk, they were considered to let Slayson as a center. Bill is thinking that Spron can become the potential choice of their position in the right.

Brid said: “I feel more. I can get more, because I want to get more, for my career. I will start my 7th year. I have been disappointed with myself in the past 6 years. I have to make progress in the season. “

This snorted season Briti and the ram have completed the renewal, the main credit is due to Jeff Fisher, because Brid believes that you can have your own tactics in Fisher. Britt is this explanation: “Fisher coach made you back on the court. He tells you that you are a man instead of a child. Tell you what player should do, whether it is still a field.”

Pony owner: The renewal negotiations in Rac will be smooth

Indianapolis Pony Board Jim Irsay said on Saturday that the renewal negotiation negotiations with the team’s trumper 4-point guardian Andrew Luck has become serious, and the Iris wants July, the training camp was initially continued.

Tom Braddy and a number of teammates training in Tampa High School

Although the teams are still not allowed to return to the training field to start the training stage training, Tampa Brady has been in the training ground.

Mike Tomlin announced after the game, Brown was shocking due to the foul on the strikes of Vontaze Burfict. This foul on Bakevite also brought 15 yards of foul penalties for Tiger. At that time, the game was 22 seconds, and the steel man was behind, it was due to the foul of Baked, and the steel man entered a free kick. After this, the corner of the ADAM JONES is gourned and gives a better free kick of the steel person.

Kenny Brit: I have been too decadent in the past 6 years

The outer hand of the St. Louis Rams, Kenny Britt, is excellent in the first season of the ram, and he completed 48 battles last season, and the 748 yards were completed, and these numbers did not Special, and 748 yards lead the entire ram out group.

After the fourth round of the draft, Joshua Dobbs from Tennessee University was selected, and the steel man cut Magoto Monday Monday. Magotanberg’s career entered the fourth year but he has been cut by 3 NFL teams.

Braddy and teammates started training at 7 am, and the team center Ryan San San Jensen is responsible for Braddy. Participating pirate players have external hands Mike Evans and Scotty Miller, Cameron Brates and Oj Howard, Quartz Braine Gabbert and Ryan Griffin and the Dare Ogunbole, Augul, Austrian.

According to Tampa Media, Braddy and about 8 teammates appeared on the court of Berkeley High School. In the photo taken in the media, Braddy wears the shoulder and orange training jersey. He also wears a new pirate helmet, and his teammates still wear a helmet last season.

Steel people take over Brown in the brain

At the last moment of Pittsburgh Steelman and Cincinnati, perhaps one of the most stupid fouls in cheap nfl Jerseys history. As a victim’s Antonio Brown, there is therefore encountering brains.

Breddy organizes the running road running training and guides the external work from time to time. In addition, they also trained the Red District attack. After the end of training, these people still spent some time chatting to establish a tacit understanding.

On Saturday, when I met with the media, Iries said: “The negotiations will be smooth. We have made progress. I mentioned July 4th. I think this date doesn’t need to be seen as a deadline. We should Can sign a new contract. Before you continue to renew, we have some questions to solve. This is a complicated contract. This is a contract for both sides to ensure that we can build a great team. “

“I think I remember that I signed his last contract in the training camp (with Pedon Manning),” Iris. “Obviously we will want to complete the contract before we enter the training camp. Sometimes when you start training training, you have entered the stage of the season, you can still sign a new contract.”

After the tiger of the tiger, the opponent of the steel man will be the Mennang Regular Championship Denver Wilda. Ben Roethlisberger, Brown and Quaternulisberger, was injured in this game, and it would affect the next week’s competition.

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