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It has been shown that the home advantage in these amateur matches is comparable to the home advantage in professional matches without spectators. By investigating players in different youth leagues, the authors demonstrated that the home advantage increases with age, which could be explained by learning effects. The results confirmed our hypothesis, suggesting that the home advantage was reduced and the referee bias did not occur. Ponzo and Scoppa (2018) examined a higher number of same-stadium derbies, and found that the home advantage did occur, thus attributing this result to the crowd noise. It could also be argued that individual teams react more strongly to the absence of spectators, possibly as these teams are used to a larger or louder home crowd. By including matches from very low divisions of German football, we found evidence that a non-spectator-induced home advantage is not a phenomenon limited to professional sports, but can also be observed in amateur football. The home advantage in terms of goals and points thus can be confounded by the strengths of teams and researchers need to take care that datasets are not subject to biased team strengths (i.e. do not include a majority of strong home or away teams).

As for the home advantage, data revealed that there was still a higher percentage of points gained by the home teams (54.68%), but this advantage was lower than the average value observed in the last three complete seasons of the same leagues played with spectators (59.82%). Indeed, when analysing how data distributed across the three possible outcomes (home victory, draw, away victory) in matches played without spectators, it was observed a lower number of home victories and a higher number of away victories, compared to the expected distribution based on matches of previous seasons played with spectators. The familiarity of the home team with its own sports facility, on the other hand, can be assumed to be even more prominent in Kreisliga A than in professional football, as conditions vary considerably from one venue to the other, including varying pitch sizes and different types of surfaces, like grass, artificial turf or ash.

This is one of the reasons why the difficult puzzle of the home advantage might never be fully resolved. Ven (2011) examined twenty matches played behind closed doors and found that home advantage still occurred; his observation was further supported by the lack of the home advantage in same-stadium derbies, in which the higher number of supporters for the “home” team was not sufficient to determine the home advantage. In the present study, we examined 841 matches played behind closed doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and investigated whether home advantage and referee bias still occurred. In individual matches, the home advantage can be fully disguised by the strengths of the teams, which means that the clearly weaker team is still expected to be the outsider, even if playing at home. You can find countless cars you can buy and individuals can certainly select these much like the would like, jean pocket and requirements. When choosing a string and tension, newcomers don’t need to worry about this as much. The data of the present study support this observation, showing consistent results in all considered variables and in a much larger sample of matches. He shared a post explaining that the broadcaster is showing less live sport than previously due to American TV network Discovery paying £920million for the long-term rights.

This suggests that there are two important elements present in sporting competition: a high level of skill among players that provides aesthetic satisfaction for the spectator and also an inherent randomness within the contests due to factors such as weather, injuries, and in particular luck. But for all his impressive displays on one of the biggest international stages of all, there is as yet no guarantee that Ward’s chances of seeing more game time at the King Power Stadium have increased. The actual existence of this association and its strength have been largely debated (Boyko, Boyko, & Boyko, 2007; Johnston, 2008; Page & Page, 2010). In the present study, it can be observed that the absence of spectators considerably affects both effects. As for yellow cards, the Bayes factor value indicates a decisive support to the null hypothesis; this is particularly interesting since the referee bias for this variable is perhaps the most consistent result observed in matches with spectators (Armatas & Pollard, 2014; Balmer et al., 2007; Downward & Jones, 2007; Goumas, 2014; Liu et al., 2019; Sutter & Kocher, 2004; Unkelbach & Memmert, 2010). The absence of a referee bias in favour of the home teams for yellow cards indicates that this factor might be particularly affected by the presence/absence of social pressure by spectators.

The probably unique number of professional matches played in the absence of spectators caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 resulted in a situation, where direct (crowd support) and indirect (induced referee bias) contributions of the fans on the match outcome can be fully neglected. The decision was made to accommodate the suspension of several international windows in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to a CONCACAF statement. Due to the fact that all games with spectators were played during non-pandemic times, while all games without spectators were played during the COVID-19 pandemic, it can be argued that this natural experiment is missing a real control group. Unfortunately, this is not possible, as we are not aware of any league that is comparable in terms of playing level and data availability, but did not at least reduce the presence of spectators during the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of the COVID-19-pandemic the men’s first German football league (Bundesliga) had to finish the season 2019/20 with ghost games as spectators were not allowed in the stadiums. This would be changed, if games at this level with spectators taking place during the pandemic were included. United are unbeaten in their last 27 Premier League away games and if they avoid defeat at Molineux they will set a new record for the longest unbeaten away run in English Football League history.

Comparing these games with the regular ones between the same teams before, 메이저 토토사이트 we find that the normal advantage for the home team disappears. Adapting this idea to the current data, it would be possible, that psychological expectation of increased home performance and corresponding tactical behavior persists (at least for some time), even if some actual causes of home advantage might not be present anymore. As for the performance-related parameters, no home advantage was found for ball possession and corner kicks, while a significant difference emerged in favour of the home teams for goals and total number of shots. However, due to the large number of timely connected matches considered and the fact that in the playing schedules a home match for a team is usually directly followed by an away match, the effect of the game schedule should be negligible. While amateur matches represent a nearly endless data pool of matches without spectators, solely points and goals, but no additional match statistics are available, making it difficult to shed more light on the effect of game location on in-game processes in amateur matches.

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