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The patriot did not choose quadruption in this year’s draft. After a few months, they won the 2011 year-shaped dollar sign. After signing the four points, Teddy-Briguwater, the panther selection and Newton said goodbye. At present, Newton is still carrying out legacy rehabilitation courses. He has accepted and passed the physical test. At present, there is no big problem in the shoulders and the foot.

The patriot will sign a four-point guard-Newton

US Sunday, according to ESPN reporters, the Former Alliance MVP, Cam Newton will sign a year contract with the patriot, including a large number of incentive bonuses.

If this illegal block is blown, the cowboy is to face the four 16-yard attack from the half of this part, Cheap Jerseys From China and they will certainly choose to abandon the kick. On the contrary, the passage of the four-speed 6 yards successfully helped the cowboy got a new four-stage attack in the Lion 21 code line, and Cheap Jerseys they subsequently achieved the leading reach of the lead in the fourth quarter. 32 seconds.

“We will win the new season super bowl title,” When the reporter asked him to the most exciting of his discord, Ingram smiled and said that some reporters laughed. “We have not entered the seasons for some time. I know that this idea is crazy, we win the new season super bowl champion will be a crazy thing.”

At this point, it is difficult for the lion to say that they are eliminated by the referee. NFL’s referee law enforcement has no corruption, but it can be said to be a lack of competition. Such a lack of competition in the gameplay may eventually lead to the end of the lion season and the cowboy entered the next round of the game.

Patriot This year’s sniper lost Tom Brady, who is the first time, who has been unsure for the first quadrant. In addition to Newton, Patriots currently also have Galrett Stidham, Brian Hoyer, Jemar Hoyer (J & RSQUO; Mar Smith) and Brian-Leviki ( Brian LEWERKE).

Although Engram boldly predicting lightning will be a new season champion, the team coach Anthony Lynnn has been trying to reduce the expectations of the team. He is still considered that the Chief of Kansas City is the most likely to win the Melan West champion. Lightning has lost eight times when the overhead is long.

If this pace continues, Adams also expected to break the record of the history of some of the team: Sterling – Sharp 1994. invasive (Sterling Sharpe) record single-season touchdowns (18), Sharp single-season record catch number in 1993 (112), Jodi – Nelson (Jordy Nelson) 2014 season hit the ball a few yards of the record (1519).

Lightning defensive end Edge Ram self-confidence can win the new season champion

On the first day of returning to the team break, Los Angeles Lightning defensive end Melvin Ingram showed confidence in the team.

Adams said: “My feeling is, if you do the survey, some people will say that I am leading wide receiver but let them direct say in my mind the most powerful receivers, my name is certainly not to mention it is not. respect source they will not say & lsquo; de Levante – Adams really rubbish & rsquo ;. but are always those listed five people. “

Adams now the ball 77 times (tied for sixth), advancing 1022 yards (8 league), 10 touchdowns (fourth in the league), the first two of data is already a career best, the ball up front from the number of best career is also a stone’s throw (12). But he believes he did not get due respect.

Mara did not communicate with Beckham, but he said the coach Pat Shurmur and Beckham talked. He also said that the giant did not actively trader Baker Ham, but after the trading of the defending Director, Mara said: “No one can touch it.”

The NFL also admitted that the critical four-speed 6-yard conversion is unmacoped by the unfair pen-defense against the cowboy. According to ESPN reporter Adam Schsef, NFL today admitted to the lion in that offense, and the lion defensive disappearance was illegally blocked by the denim player, but here. Deni 4 points in the second attack, Tony Romo, completed 21 yards, brought the blessing of 21 yards.

The Alliance admitted that there is another mistake in the denim lion game.

The notorious defensive interference passed the penalty was returned to the only misjury in the Detroit Lion to lose to Dallas cowboy.

The giant boss is disappointed with external handle Bakerham.

The latest lace news that External Hand Odel Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.) may not let him get a contract of New York Giants, but it is clear that it is enough to make the team feel dissatisfaction.

“When you are close to your career, you are cut off, people say that you are too slow, you have returned, you can’t play it. Then you want you to come out when you retire. I feel about you. Confusing, so I stayed at home. “

Nielsen does not need to say the performance during the cost of packaging work, he can complete the number of chosen numbers anytime, anywhere. In the packaging career, he completed 550 codes to get 7848 yards (team fifth) 69 times (Team history second), and the average of 14.3 yards were advanced each time.

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