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Following the DERRICK Guice, after the first preseason, the two-year running Weava Maje, the Samaje Perine, which was put into the 30 yards. Field. However, the main coach Jay Gruden believes that the injury has little impact.

– Whenever the Hawks need to increase to a higher realm, Kam Chancellor can stand up to help teammates achieve all. This article tells how this is a team leader that has become a team leader, but how it almost lost this.

Robinson completed 47 hugs in regular season last year, 4 cases, 1 national anthem. And completed a 50-yard copy of a 50-yard copy from the National Union Championship. Old Hawks on the list includes: Ronald Darby, Jalen Mills, Lasul Douglas and 2017 Two Words Sidney Jones.

The competition enters the second quarter, the ram kicks the ball. Greg Zuerlein hits 48 yards, the ram 17: 7 lead 49 people. 49 people offensive group debut, taken away Trent Taylor, take 18 yards, but then they still have to discove them. Fortunately, the ram back attack on the tower – Austin Austin abandoned the ball, 49 people opened the player Kyle Nelson, pick up the ball, help 49 people in the ram The field 12 code line takes over the ball. With this opportunity, 49 people play the ball in Robbie Gould hit 36 ​​yards, 49 people fall behind at 17:10.

This will help the eagle province’s large amount of salary space, let them stay in Patrick Robinson. This old will signed a year contract last year, which has the opportunity to enter the free market, but the eagle is working hard from leaving.

The first half of the second half is still coming: 49 people have failed to convert the three-speed 10 yards in this half, have to give up and kick. But their defensive groups have also successfully persecuted the three gears of the ram.

According to wholesale Nfl Jerseys NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, the eagle is trying to sign Robinson and will try to complete the contract before the Alliance negotiation window is opened. At present, the eagle salary overflows the wage standard, but Smith’s transactions and defensive end of Vinny Curry will help them save space.

Famous Hall of 4 points Montener: Your team will win a super bowl of championshipThe 54th Super Bowl will be carried out between 49 people in San Francisco and the Chizschi Emirates. In addition to the similar jersey color, the two teams and the historical appearance of the quarter.

Eagle is trying to retain Corner Patrick RobinsonLast week, the eagle made a decision, and took the outside of Torrey Smith to the Black Leopard, exchanged the corner Dalley WORLEY. This transaction will be officially effective on Wednesday.

Los Angeles

The four points Guardi Gaoff 28 passed 22, 292 yards, 3 reached 0 Cascade, did not be killed, four-point guards up to 145.8;

Run Todde – Galley 28 sho, 113 yards, 2 reachaes; 5th ball, 36 yards, 1 to 1 Dali; total 3 reached

Extraction Robert – Woods 6th, 108 yards;

External handlets Sami-Watekins 6 ball, 106 yards;

Corner Nikur Robe Cobman, a copy, pick up the ball at a time;

49 people started the Jedi counterattack, external hand Pierre – plus Trumaine Johnson, complete 59 yards! After that, Taylor completed 3 yards short-distance, 49 people will score 41:33, only 8 points behind. Then 49 people kick, the ram is back to the armo-Cooper! Quartz Weon-Hoyell and his 49-person offensive group were getting the ball in 29 yards. They first advance to a code line, facing the four files, Hainde Wuchi 1 code to score! After that, the key two-point conversion, Hoyel did not succeed, and 49 people still have two points behind 41:39.

The second half is first attacking, and the outer hand is connected to Sami Watkins to advance 47 yards in the left side. Entering the red area, Watekins also caused the 49-person interference to interfere with the password, helping the team to come to the branch. It is a pity that the ram can not be entered into the end area, but they have to send a play-spent-spear-Zullehen’s name 19 yodi, the ram 27:13 lead 49 people. 49 people don’t have to show weakness, external hand Pierre – plus the left side of the side of the side to complete the high difficulty 19 yards, plus the 15 yards of Alon Donald punishment, 49 illegal hits, 49 people I came to the ram half. Aldrick Robinson, 17 yards, brought the team to the end of the side, then Karlos-Hyde faced four-speed 1 yard, the scorpion 1 code decormed. 27: 20,49 people continue to fall behind. For the ram, Watekins and Woods have continued good performance, they completed 15 yards and 25 yards, helping the team gradually advanced to the red area. Tagfan – Austin’s left sump advanced 9 yards, and finally Watekins took a picture of the ball, the ram 34:20 is leading.

“This is hard to pick,” Montana said to the media. “Yes, we live in San Francisco, so I feel some different, just because you have not always contacted the city of Kansas. But the two teams have a place in my heart. Kansas City is great, I have accepted us there. This. It is not easy, and it is expected to be high. “

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