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Pony is expected to continue the annual contract with the team’s annual salary of 19 million

The US time is reported on Wednesday, according to ESPN reporters, the small horse lines Darius Leonard is close to the team renewal. The contract is expected for four years, with an average annual salary of more than 19 million US dollars.

This figure will also be surpassing the 49-person line of Fred-Warner, which is still in the same day, buy jerseys online us becoming the highest salary in the line. Warner’s new contract is $ 95 million in 5 years, an annual salary of 19 million.

According to NFL NetWork reporters, Lylnad’s brokers are discussing with Pony, and they have begun best site to buy jerseys from china further promote conversation after waiting to Warner’s signing.

Lylnad is a full talent in the horses’ defensive lineup. He can stop the opponent after the start of the ball, or you can press the quarter-saving pressure before it needs. During his 40,000 regular season, Le Nad completed 416 hugs, 15 killing.

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