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If the giant uses a privileged label, safe Wei Collins or chooses absent training

Beijing February 21, Landon Collins and the New York Giants look at the status of the sword. A person who knows that Collins clears the wardrobe in the team’s locker room. Although many of the team reporters then reported that this episode made people feel puzzled about Collins in the future of giants.

The crow announced on Tuesday that he will hire the former Chicago bear coach Mark Trestman to serve as an offensive coordinator. NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported that Trestman will sign a three-year contract with the crow team.

The crow has also considered Kyle Shanahan, and he is accused of a suitable candidate in the transition period of Kubiaka. But Trestman is a coach sufficient to drive the attack group. He advocates the leading idea of ​​passing the ball. This is likely to let the crow are limited, but we still hope that the crow will continue to enter the playoff next season.

Cowboy Corner Louis: New coaching group gave all opportunities

Cowboy’s defensive second-line varies not small than last season. The header is Cheap jerseys from China Byron Jones, which has been separated from the team, signing a record of the Dolphin: 5.2.5 million US dollars, 57 million US dollars. In addition, the new coach Mike McCarthy also formed a new coaching group.

According to the Alliance News, Ian Libodate revealed that because of the violation of the alliance related training, there was no physical confrontation, and the Hawks were punished by $ 300,000, and they were deducted from the next season’s quarter small training camp. Day full day training time.

Wilson was effective for the Detroit male lion last season, completed the 87 yards of 87 yards, although his role he played in the lion offensive group was slightly larger than the Seattle Hawks, all data was the lowest career.

Louis, Qido – Awuqi, Anthony Brown, is the corner of the line last year. Cowboys also selected Trevon Digs and Reggie Robinson this year, signed Maurice, Maoady, Maoady and Darphil, Daryl (Daryl). Worley).

Joe Flacco is proud of the spring breeze in Kubiaka, and with the arrival of Trestman, he is estimated to be more excellent. TRRSTLAN TRESTM is a hometown of Josh McCown in the 2013 season. Josh McCown. Although this season Jay Cutler fails again, Flaco is different, he is in his own golden period.

Auckland raids signed near-end Haruk Wilson

Beijing March 31, the Auckland raid may be difficult to rely on a player to make up for the loss of Jared Cook. Maybe they will rely on multiple players’ rounds to do this.

Louis recalls: “They say that everyone will start. No matter how high you are, how long it is, it is not important. What is important is whether you can play, they want you to work hard, and strive for final The big list is a place. “

– Andy Dalton (Andy Dalton) may meet the requirements of the jaguar. He was laid off the Cincinnati Bengals on Thursday. Dalton once and cheap nfl jerseys from china Jaguars offensive coordinator Jay – Gruden (Jay Gruden) worked. At that time, the Tigers can be described as the most outstanding performance in Dalton when.

Repairing performance enough to bid farewell to veteran Nick Jaguars – Falls (Nick Foles). But repairing yet ensure that they can certainly be a starter. Perhaps as Malone said, the team will sign a veteran quarterback as a starter.

In addition, the team running back Leonard – Buddha Nate (Leonard Fournette) had publicly hoped Jaguars signed quarterback Kanmu – Newton (Cam Newton). After being laid off to the Carolina Panthers Newton is still a free agent.

Although the strong body confrontation in the NFL bench is everything, in the field, the alliance has a clear restrictions on the body confrontation, including training camps and season training, allowing wear equipment to carry out physical confrontation and body confrontation limits . The alliance asked each team to upload the team’s training video to the Union Headquarters for inspection. The league is intended to protect the players and reduce injuries.

The three-degree selection of professional bowls and the best lineup in 2016 was NFL since 2015, the only player who won the ball for at least 400 hugs for 30 times. He is also the only one in the past four seasons in the past four seasons. Every season, at least 95 hugging players. But the data in the last season may affect his value in the free player market in the excellent safety and health of this year.

Occasionally, Wilson’s career, a total of 102 battles, took 11 times. He immediately became the long-standing close-up near-ended close-up in the raid. When the raid is still thinking about how to replace the Cook, he will become an important player in this location.

“Yes, he is our starting quarterback, there is no doubt,” Malone talking about the team quarterback Gardner – he said in repairing (Gardner Minshew). “But we’re doing now one thing is still working to ensure that the upgrade for each position, so we are still under consideration. We may look at some of our young players and veteran partner.”

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