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Test Fulin, 68 years old, last season was rookie star wide outside the belated Ao Daier – David Beckham (Odell Beckham) help win their final four games of the season, since 2004 to test Fulin after the giants last season, 6 wins and 10 losses record, he can be said to be the worst outcome, but the 2004 season, the giants record is 6 wins and 10 losses.

Spring Alliance is about to start multi-digit cheap nfl jerseys from china players to participate

The latest development alliance, the spring alliance is about to be officially launched. The players have assembled to participate in the training camp. On April 15, they will usher in a season of 6 games.

In the sea eagle, 40-year-old Jenzji will work together with the former raiders. Brian Schneider, and will compete with Jason Myers, 26 years old. Less quota. Miles has been effective for Jacksonville Americas in the past three seasons.

New York Giants coach Tom renewal – test Fulin

Team on Wednesday announced the renewal of their head coach Tom – test Fulin (Tom Coughlin) a year, which will leave the test Fulin 2016 season. The announcement also confirmed the correspondent Jones (Kimberly Jones) content reported in the last month NFL Federation of New York take their coach’s policy has always been to provide a contract again in their retiring last season to show Respect.

Giant safety sanitary tribute season future hope

For the fans who are familiar with the New York Giants, the “Play-up Hope” of Security Wei Hotel Roler is seems to have become a fixed program in each season. Let’s go back to 2012, the giant has a head name of the partition with 6 wins and 4 in November. Rar told the media that giants can win all the rest of the game, enter the playoffs with the identity of the No. 1 seed. In October 2013, the giants 0 wins 4 negative openings, Rohd confidently that the team had the ability to win 12 games.

Tuesday, Rar once again, coming again. When the question and team can squeeze in the playoffs at 9 wins and 7, Rar said: “In my heart, this is no suspense.” First no matter the confidence of Roh, we have to I acknowledged that he was a very good captain. He is good at mobilizing his teammates, regardless of the team’s grades, he is full of confidence in teammates.

Gordin said: “My mobile phone has been shocking, social media, SMS, phone calls. Everyone wants to ask the same question. But I have a deep feelings about this number, I have been on the high school, I have been 12th. If he doesn’t want this number, I will continue to wear. “

They and other players will play all the best because they have the enthusiasm of the game, because they don’t get salary by the UN official website. Instead, they will be available in the season. The season is actually only 20 days.

According to the alliance spokesperson, there are these former NFL players to participate in the alliance: defensive end Greg-Hardy (Greg Hardy), running to Amad Bradshaw, near-end front Karen – Winns Kellen Winslow, Si Dai Wei McLiode – Bessel Thompson, Running Ben Tit (Ben Tate) and Quartz, Ricky Stanzi.

During the test Fulin coach led the team won two Super Bowl victories to test Fulin bring enough to protect the most susceptible to what is not implicated in the impact, while he was with the Giants in the fetters of the incumbent bishop is also the third longest coaching same only the team’s bishop, behind Bill – Bailey Chico (Bill Belichick) and Marvin – Lewis (Marvin Lewis), to test Fulin, the contract is good news, but his team 2015 will face the pressure of reconstruction.

Hayward played 14 games last season, and 13 of them were first, complete a copy, 8 times destroyed. He also served as a team captain. In the game of 9.13 last year, Hayward completed 12 times and won the honor of the best defensive players in Mei Week. However, in other days in the season, his staring is difficult to be satisfactory, especially on profound routes.

Before Braddy, the Patriot was effective for 20 years, and the No. 12 will be worn on the 12th in the New England region, and the team won 6 super bowls. After Braddy officially signed, Gordin quickly communicated with Breddy, and later discussed the issue of No. 12 at 12.

Cheap Jerseys From China the perspective of the race, the giant will encounter Jacksonville American Tiger, Tennesi Titan, Washington Red Leather and St. Louis Ram. Maybe they can win more victory, but want to keep a full victory opportunity. On the other hand, even if Rar is willing to pay, it is difficult for 9 wins and 7 losses to help them rank among the playoffs.

Los Angeles Lightning Tree Corner Wei Casy – Hayward

US time Saturday, Los Angeles lightning cuts Casey Hayward. Hayward signed a contract with the team in 2016, and the five seasons have been lightning effective.

Tom Telesco said in the statement: “Signing Casy is one of our best ways in the free market. This fact also makes this operation. Case is perfect. Occupational players, people who want to enter NFL are a flashing example. “

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