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After that, McCaski did not require medical examination, apparently the body hunt. So what happened to the dressing room of the bears? This incident gives us an impression that some people can sit Click On this page the edge where the boss is located, and the eyes of the venue must have a problem. It is also said that the bear fans really can’t see it, put the boss and put the boss.

In April this year, Venatiyeri said in an interview that if the injury resumes smoothly, he still wants to play in NFL. He is expected to be healed in June last year, but the epidemic may slow down his progress.

Rugby 36

The ladder is deliberately displayed, and the enemy can enter the desperate point, truncation of its reinforcement or admission forces, so that it is in a surrounded land. There is a witty tact in the football called the defensive frontline, and there is similar effect.

Jenithki spent the 18-year year in the raid, and the team’s history is the first. But the team chooses to renew with him, let George-Tavichio become his successor. Last year, the Nnenos gene back injury entered the injury reserve list, Taviki has replaced him in place.

Regional raids have both the characteristics of these two types. Five flocks can make quarter to respond, rush. Because it is a regional defense, anyone may have the possibility of anti-transmission, so it also leads to anyone possible to raise four-point guard. The strange phenomenon caused by the regional raid tactics that often saw is the defensive cut-off anti-transmission (the package after 2009), and the corner guards raided four-point guard (the squash after the 13 season).

The 47-year-old Venatiyerri was injured last season, and cheap nfl jerseys from China there were 14 shots, and it was the most alliance. Pony has not yet excluded the possibility of re-signed him. At present, the kicks in the small horse array have a decision Rodrigo Blankenship and the CHASE McLaughlin.

J. T. Thomas, got 2.2’s total score in the game of the Branglan, and the performance is good, and it is expected to continue the position of the middle line. But unpacking defense does not say, Persi Rasini leaders in defensive and middle-defense experience is the most urgent of the Jagua.

In the brutal outside of the Brunt, Telvin Smith is also a good news for the American tiger. He came to 40 defensive in the game, and he won the four-point guard, once forcing the rush to shoot, and 3 independent and 1 copy and 1 time destroyed (and promoted teammate copy Intermediate comment this week reached 5.6 points. His sports ability is extremely strong, and it is mainly responsible for passing the ball next to Persi. Brian’s four-point Weiner Brian Hoyer passed 5 times in his direction, only completed once and lost 2 yards, and the passing score was 0 points. After the lack of Persi, Smith should have more opportunities.

The player sells their own house is not a fresh thing & mdash; & mdash; Detroit Lion 4-point guards Matthew Stafford decided to sell houses & mdash; & mdash; but in the home of the house Venatiyerry is still free to mean that he will do a good Indiana Polish after he sells the house.

Steel people take over Antonio – Brown doesn’t care

US Terminal Tuesday is the 30th birthday of steel people taken behind Antonio Brown. In the past career, he completed a lot of players who did not do carefully.

DL DROP is the associated product of zone blitz, and the regional raid means that the anti-parallel ball area, and there is a player raided four-point guard. Unlike the defensive defense, the regional defense needs to be different, and there is a possible pass line in his region in advance. This gives more than 280 pounds, the speed of slow lines can be protected: they don’t need to follow the ball in the speed of the speed, just need to enter your own critical area in advance.

Front raid players play Jenneoski will visit the Hawks

According to ESPN reporter Adam Schefter, the Bastean, who is playing Bastian – Sebastian Janikowski will fly to Seattle on Tuesday, and meet with the Hawks.

NFL’s most famous external hand Jerry Lees did not take 30 years old. After the 30th birthday, he still kept high efficiency, and completed the total 2000 times in that year. Ball, the 13546 yards are promoted to this.

The standard anti-transmission is like this, four players are responsible for impacting quadruptions (3-4 is three front lines and one line guard, 4-3 is 4 square front lines), the remaining players The post-anti-pass (whether it is orthodontic or region). The raid four-point guard will put the fifth place (a line guard), which is often able to force the Quad to quickly shoot.

Analysis of the Boslasini after the bruises

The Jacksonville American Tiger team ended with a hearty 24-16, and finally got the first victory. The cost of victory is their star midline airborne-Persi Posluszny thoracic tear injury season reimbursement. And the mid-line Wei has a 10.8-pointing the fifth anti-running rate of the fifth-bit anti-running rate, and has a 13.2 points of cockroach. The 7 games in this season, Persiras have a total of 61 compliments, including 29 interceptions, and there are 2 points to have 2 kills, 1 hit and 2 times forced rush.

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