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[Event Review] outer pulleys: the first half, Diwu, Xiao Ma Sheng Tezhou

Beijing time on Sunday, January 6, 2019, 5: 30, the first outer cassette in the 2013 season playoffs played as scheduled! 11 wins and 5 negative three seeds Houston Texas people sit at home, meet 10 wins and 6 negative six seeds, the Miranean district opponent Indianapolis horses. Texas has achieved impressive records this season, including a wave of 9 consecutive victories; and the road to pony is equally brilliant & mdash; & mdash; they are the second branch in nfl jerseys in history, after winning 1 win 5 negative openings Into the team in the season. Earlier, two teams have made a victory in the two teams of the regular season. This game is also the first time that the two teams meet in the playoffs.

The little horses in the farm have taken the lead. Under the leadership of the four-point guardian Andrew Luck, the star outside T. Y Hilton was connected to the ball and converted two three gears. Entering the opponent half, T. Y. Hilton completed the high-difficult 38 yards, and finally near the end of Eric Eric (Eric Ebron) was relaxed. Pony took the lead in establishing a leading advantage of 7: 0.

Hilton ball:


Deshaun Watson’s Texas is out of the game, the pony is coming. The 25-yard rush ball of Marlon Mack is directly sent to the Texas half. Zach Pascal’s left side reverse the ball 14 yards, Chester Rogers won 16 yards, eventually running the Marlon – Mark Mark 2 code to score. Pony has been 14: 0 lead Texas.

Before the end of the first section, Texas decided to fight four gears in the pedicers of the small horses, but Det Shan Watson’s short pass was easily copied by Kenny Moore II. This is the first time Co-Cascade Since the 11th week of the regular season. The competition entered the second quarter, the pony offensive group used this ball to enter the Red District, but since then Andrew-Rak’s pass was reached by JJ Watt, passed by Brandon Dunn. cut.

Although Texas escaped, after the Texas offensive team, the Pony had achieved a Dava & mdash; & mdash; Dong Trell – Donman Dontrelle Inman after completing 21 yards The ball is 18 yards to score, wholesale jerseys from china and the pony has been taken from Temple in the away from 21: 0.

Texas is like a dream. The 20 yards of the KEKE COUTEE – the 20 yards of the KEKE COUTEE help the team enter the pony half. After entering the red area, Dedo Watson was killed in the second gear. Since then they decided to struggle with the four-speed 1 yard, Deandre Hopkins did not receive the ball, which made Texas Reactive.

Before the end of the first half, Xiao Ma took a 23-yard penalty of Texas, but finally they did not get an opportunity to try to try to try to try to try the best in the 41-yard line. At the first half, the game is over, driving Pony 21: 0 temporarily lead Texas.

The third section of the game is slightly dull, both sides are fresh and stunned, and the two teams have contributed six times.

Let us go directly to the fourth quarter of the competition & mdash; & mdash; de Soen Watson’s series of short biography helps the team into the Red District, and finally take the handful of the handful-提 提 短 短 踉跄 踉跄 踉跄 6 码 达Score. The Texas people use a wave of 6 minutes to pull back 7 points, and the score becomes 21: 7.

The pony did not be able to advance after the 20 yards of T.Y. Hilton, but they had to give up, and this also made Texas have seen the hopes. In the middle of the field, four files are facing 4 yards, De Shaun Watson rushed 21 yards. After five rounds, Texas once again been forced to face the four-speed 10 yards, this time Texas people’s strong play attempt to end. In this way, the game has basically lost suspense.

As the pony has successfully converted the first attack, the game is over. The Indianapolis Pony has defeated Houston Texas in the journey of 21: 7, and has achieved the victory of the game. They will be in the game in the competition to the Kansas City Emirates.

Player data:


Quartz, wholesale jerseys free shipping San Dru, Rair, 32, 222 yards, one code 6.9, 2 reached 1 copy, did not be killed, quadrupanitary 88.3;

Extracry T. Y. Hilton 5th, 85 yards;

External hand Dong Treier – Daban 4 ball, 53 yards, 1 reached

Houston Texas

49 pass 29 in Watersen, 235 yards, one code 4.8, 1 reached 1 copy, 3 times were killed, four-point guards 69.7; 8 sho, 76 yards;

External hand special-Qiu Ti 11 ball, 110 yards, 1 to more than one.

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