How To Get A Striae Gravidarum?

Apps, fitness programs, ads and anything else suggesting that women can or should get rid of that bit of our tummy that rolls over our pants should be banned

It is natural for women to have a ‘roll’. It’s natural for us to carry some fat there. I weigh 115lb and I have the roll. I had a friend who was a professional dancer, did vigorous exercise for several hours a day, and had a killer body. Guess what her belly did when she sat down? Rolled over her pants.

Please, world, stop suggesting it’s possible to get rid of this or that it’s unnatural in any way. Can’t we just embrace it and love the roll?!

I wish more girls and women knew stretch marks are completely normal as well. I look back on my tiny teenager self and am like you poor thing you had no reason to be so insecure about those natural things. A turning point for me was when I went swimming with a new friend of mine – she was super thin, athletic, was a track allstar and had stretch marks all over on her hips, inner thighs, etcetera just like me. I realized that they’re not something to be ashamed of because even the fittest people have them.

Getting older and streetwear liberating myself from those insecurities has been amazing. They are not a factor anymore. We already have so much to stress over – people could be a lot happier if we took our insecurities over our normal bodies out of the equation.

Knowing how insecure I was about mine it makes me feel good when I know other women and girls aren’t dealing with that pain. It’s unfortunate how much we let those thoughts take up space in our head. I was a teen in the early 2000’s in the height of the low-rise jeans. I had faint stretch marks on my hips and all day was continually pulling my shirt down back over them. Like nonstop worrying that someone would see these shameful deformities on my stick thin teen body – so ridiculous.

It’s upsetting because I missed out on things and I know girls and women right now are missing out on things because of insecurities. I rarely went swimming as a teen and it breaks me heart for myself and anyone else who avoids fun things because they feel ashamed of their natural normal bodies.

Well yes. I’m in my 40s and I have a “normal” body,yep,thanks lululemon discounts ( now.i keep fitness but in my 20s I used to be underweight. I was healthy but very very skinny… with a tummy roll. I was always worried about the tummy, always thinking (feeling?) it was bigger than it was etc. I now see my old pictures and yes, I had some tummy but no it wasn’t as big as I thought. Mind you, this was early 2000’s and ultra low rise jeans were a thing, so I suffered. Today, 20 years, a pregnancy and some kilos later I find that my belly was completely normal and like some other aspects of my body it was just the way it was. Some women are tall some others are not, some women have big breasts some others don’t and some others have more naturally flat stomachs now I know. But I would like to knew it when I was in my 20s obsessing over some inevitable physical feature instead of being just enjoying myself.

So,why we take more time on the fuckking big tummy..

Please Enjoy today,Enjoy yourself…from today,from now!

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