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49 General Manager: wholesale Seattle Seahawks jerseys free shipping External Market Sathzi is eager to rebound

After the field and cheap jerseys for sale the field were in the field, the San Francisco 49 people passed the ball shock. Aldong Smith (anxious “I want to make a rebound performance in the 2015 season.

“Emergency” is the general manager Trent Buck, which is used to shape the words of the state of the martial arts, and he has achieved the lowest career after the 9-game reassunction from the league last season. 2 times. “He is very ambitious,” Buck told ESPN reporters on Friday. “He is doing very well … wholesale nfl jerseys for sale anyone who has faced the situation of Altong, it takes a day to recover every day. But he is very good to maintain long-term outstanding state.”

Smith actually received a 1 year of proved its contract in 2015. He will receive a basic salary of $ 1 million, but if he can enter 53 people in all 16 games, he can get more than 5.1 million. Dollar salary. Buck saw the 25-year-old player “began to grow into a team leader.” He believes “I am very happy to see this, and I have fun to look at Altong growth.” He thought that Smith got a full salary. The opportunity is very large.

49 people urgently need Smith’s appearance, before they have seen Line Willis and Chris Borland in this year’s break. Wills and Chris Borland announced their retirement.

The team may also lose the defensive front line player Justine-Smith (Justin Smith). Previously, Jaster’s firepower was attracted to the firepower of the opponent’s four-defense manufacturing panic in Alone. 49 people have been greatly different from a year ago, but Smith returns to the past, allowing this defensive group to make the opponent’s headache every week.

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